Mission Statement

to share the gospel of Jesus Christ through music, while also providing listeners with the opportunity to invest in the kingdom of God.

Psalm 102: 13-22

13 I know you are about to arise and show your tender love to Zion. Now is the time, Lord, for your compassion and mercy to be poured out— the appointed time has come for your prophetic promises to be fulfilled! 14 For your servants weep in sympathy over Zion’s ruins and feel love for her every stone. 15 When you arise to intervene, all the nations and kings will be stunned and will fear your awesome name, trembling before your glory! 16 Yes, you will reveal yourself to Zion and appear in the brightness of your glory to restore her and give her children. 17 He responds to the prayer of the poor and broken and will not despise the cry of the homeless. 18 Write all this down for the coming generation,  so re-created people will read it and praise the Lord! 19 Tell them how Yah looked down from his high and holy place,  gazing from his glory to survey the earth.20 He listened to all the groaning of his people longing to be free, and he set loose the sons of death to experience life. 21 Multitudes will stream to Jerusalem to praise the Lord and declare his name in Zion! 22 Peoples from every land, their kings and kingdoms, will gather together to worship the Lord.

Who We Are

R E . C R E A T E D was founded on the hope of the story of Jesus. That He came as God in human flesh, died for our sins, resurrected from the grave and will come again for His people in the second coming. During Jesus’ ministry on earth, He often used parables to speak to the mass amounts of people who followed Him, to paint the picture of the kingdom of God and how we as His followers should seek to bring awareness to the love of Christ and the harvest to come.  As followers of Christ we have two purposes in this life: 1.) to be in relationship with Jesus and 2.) bring others into that same relationship. R E . C R E A T E D seeks to fulfill the commission set by Jesus; to go forth and make disciples of all nations.


The name R E . C R E A T E D comes from a passage in Psalms, where the psalmist begins to prophesy about the restoration of Zion and how one day re-created people will see it come to pass. We believe as we are born again in Christ, we are R E . C R E A T E D in His image and we are then tasked to live out like Jesus and to bring praise to his name.

The same way Jesus used parables to bring awareness to the kingdom of God, we as R E . C R E A T E D do the same thing with our songs. We believe music is a universal language that everyone can enjoy, and if we use those songs to bring light to Jesus name, then we can be effective in winning souls for His kingdom, and workers for the harvest to come.

Our overall goal as R E . C R E A T E D is to use our music to bring awareness to a need to serve in the kingdom of God. From the songs we sing, to the shirts we sell, we aim to point our ministry to those who are in need and challenge everyone who listens, to serve in some capacity to love the weak and the poor. We not only seek to support those who are in need spiritually, but also financially. For every product we sell, a large portion of those funds go towards different ministries or missionaries around the world. Not everyone who listens to our music is able to go out on the mission field or even support a child monthly. However, if we can offer you to listen to our music, or buy a product, to support those in need, even just a little bit of help can impact so much and bring the awareness that Jesus called us to do throughout the New Testament. Our objective is not to make money, to be famous or even to make music. We simply want to share God’s heart for His people through the music that God inspires us with.




Caroline WARD

Originally from Tampa Florida, Caroline serves as R E . C R E A T E D’s lead singer, acoustic guitar player and lead writer. Caroline received a Bachelor of Arts from Lee University in Music and Worship. Caroline has been a featured artist on multiple recording projects as well as a charting songwriter on Billboard’s top 50. Caroline is currently residing in Knoxville TN, with her husband Joshua, where she serves in the worship department at Two Rivers Church.

Follow her on social media @carolinejeanward


Joshua Ward was born and raised in the kingdom of Eswatini (formerly known as Swaziland). Joshua has grown up his whole life around ministry and missions. His family are the founders of Challenge Ministries Swaziland (CMS), an organization focused on bringing kingdom transformation and redemption to Eswatini. They do this through being the hands and feet of Christ in Child Care, Rehabilitation, Church Planting, and more. Joshua graduated from Lee University with a degree in Business Administration in May of 2018 and married Caroline Ward shortly after. 

Joshua serves as R E . C R E A T E D‘s Missions Director.

Follow him on social media @josh_d_ward

Anouk Rising

Anouk Rising was born and raised in Frankfurt Germany and holds a Bachelor’s degree from Liberty University in Business: Project Management. With those skills she decided to take a year long missions trip throughout various countries in South America with Adventures in Missions.

Anouk currently serves as R E . C R E A T E D ‘s Tour Manager, Social Media Director and Missions Coordinator.

Follow her on social media @noukidaughterofthemosthigh

Carlos Rising

Carlos Rising was born in Raleigh North Carolina and has always had a deep love for music. With a degree in Music Business from Lee University, Carlos has a lot of experience singing and touring around the world, as far west as L.A California to as Far East as Prague, Czech Republic. Carlos has experience as a song writer, being featured on multiple albums and being charted on the Billboard Top 50 charts. Carlos serves as R E . C R E A T E D ’s lead singer, guitar player, song writer and head music arranger.

Carlos is currently residing in Atlanta GA, where he and his wife both are serving at Mount Paran North Church in the Music and Youth Departments.

Follow him on social media @carlosrising

Our Partners

Challenge Ministries Global (CMG)

CMG is an organization that works to provide loving, Godly homes for orphaned and vulnerable children in the Kingdom of Eswatini, Africa. To learn more about their child care program, check out this video and visit their website at