Hello everyone who is visiting our website. We have some very exciting news. As of August 23, 2019, we released our first E.P, which is available on all digital streaming platforms such as:

  • iTunes/Apple Music

  • Spotify

  • YouTube Music

  • Google Play

  • Amazon Silk

  • and many more

Our CD, as well as other custom merchandise, is also available in Hard Copy which can be purchased through our store on our website.

Thank you all for keeping up to date with everything we have been posting and we can’t wait to reveal to you what is coming up next!

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Hey there!

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Anouk Rising

Social Media Director & Tour Manager

R E . C R E A T E D

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Big Announcements Coming Soon!

We at R E . C R E A T E D are so excited to be launching our new ministry that not only performs our original music, but also brings awareness to missions around the world. Over the next couple of months we will be unveiling:

  • New Music

  • Tour Dates

  • Fund Raising Campaigns

  • and much more!

Thank you all so much in advance for your love and support as we get the ball rolling on what we do here at R E . C R E A T E D, where music meets missions.

God Bless!


Carlos Rising

Songwriter/Band Member

R E . C R E A T E D

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